One swallow makes a spring

Intervention in urban space, Torun, 2013|Swallow – a small bird that is a harbinger of spring, has become a symbol of sunlight, domestic happiness and hope. Apparently, swallow’s nest is a sign of a good fortune for its place. So we decided to put like a swallow nest details at various locations in Bydgoskie Przedmieście. We selected the buildings because of its interesting history, monumental, historical or sentimental value in which our interventions will be placed forming a pathway that allows to sightsee subjective extraordinary district.

The term “nest” is associated with the family, the family home and a sense of safety. “To nest” is to feel good at some point, to become attached to something. We would like to ask residents how good they feel in their district? Do they like their neighbourhood? What are the stories behind the place for them?|We want all created by these colourful interventions trail to be premiered during Bydgoskie Przedmieście Day on May 18, 2013. These micro-objects made of multi-colored styrofoam balls will adorn, but we hope also encourage reflection by its form or the rich symbolism and association with birds those living among human households. The intervention created by artist has become the starting point for a conversation with your family, neighbours or spontaneous meeting with friends.
author: Marta Kołacztranslation:
Michał Połomski